Summer Camp – Elf Tennis

Summer Camp 2017 ElfTennis is pleased to offer a comprehensive, fun-filled camp for the summer of 2016. Summer camp location is at Cooper Park in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn. Facility features two newly resurfaced hard courts. Rain location at McCarren Pool. Camp consists of interactive games and drills, intense drill sessions, ladder matches, conditioning, … Read more

Why start with a two handed forehand – Elf Tennis

I’ve been coaching young children tennis for over 15 years and have seen many children begin tennis by using the two handed forehand. Many will eventually switch to a traditional one handed forehand. I believe that starting out with a two handed forehand is beneficial for many reasons. Many students, when they begin tennis, aren’t … Read more

Tournament Training Program – Elf Tennis

You’ve Been Served Tennis Academy  ElfTennis is pleased to announce the launch of it’s tournament training program, You’ve Been Served Tennis Academy and Camps. Participation in the tournament training program is by invitation only and a tryout is required if you haven’t taken classes with ElfTennis before. You’ve Been Served Tennis Academy is geared for people who would … Read more

16 Best Tennis Racquets for Beginners 2022 Review

Tennis is an interesting and entertaining sport. Before you advance to professional levels, you can begin practicing and mastering the grip of the game at family levels. For the novice player, who wishes for a head start in the sport it’s important that you get the best tennis racquets for beginners. With so many racquet … Read more

Working with young kids – Elf Tennis

Some of you have reading this post may have read through my website and are wondering, ” what is it really like to teach 3 year olds and what do you actually do during the lesson? How could children as young as three possibly participate in a tennis lessons?” In this blog post, I will … Read more