How to Choose Good Tennis Shoes – Best Tennis Shoes Buying Guide

Choosing the right shoes is critical. The kinds of shoes you go for will determine how well you learn and play the game. A top shoe guarantees you of good performance, average ones will deliver average or okay results, while bad shoes will give poor performance. But how do you determine if it’s the right one? In this read, we will show you how to choose good tennis shoes:

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The first thing you need to ascertain is the shoe size. It pays to know the size and the most suitable for your foot. You will get size charts that explain in details about the different sizes. Men and women sizes will vary. The description and sizing will also be different from region to region. You have UK, EUR, more and US. Before buying a shoe, it is essential you familiarize with the description and sizing. The recommendation is to follow a size chart from the same manufacturer.


A good shoe will fit perfectly. It will not be too tight, too loose, too wide, or too narrow. Tennis, as you may already know, is an intense sport. It entails lots of running, instant stops, skidding and more. A shoe that does not fit well will cause problems. If it’s too tight it may cause bunions, corns, soreness and more. If it is too loose, it may cause blisters and abrasion. You should leave a small margin and allowance for the socks. Trying them on in the afternoon is advised because the foot will have expanded.


Like any other shoes, comfort is critical. You do not want to walk away limping due to soreness or injury. Run slower because of discomfort or poor balance. The right choice will provide good support to the user. It will evenly distribute the weight and pressure to prevent high or low spots. Also, it will feel comfortable and light to the foot. This is achieved by using quality material, good padding, and high-grade sole. The shoe, more specifically the sole, will have good shock/impact and vibration absorption.


Playing tennis is exhausting and takes up lots of energy. The foot just like the rest of the body will sweat a lot. Now imagine the inside of the shoe being too wet or slippery? This not only makes you feel uncomfortable but also will increase the friction between the inner lining, socks and your foot. This may cause bruises and chaff. In addition, the shoe may have an odor. The best tennis footwear has good ventilation or airflow. They will feature a design or mesh that improves air circulation. This helps to cool the foot, minimize sweating and stuffiness and also eliminate odor.

NB: Other important considerations are quality, balance, support, flexibility, wearing/removal ease, price, and maintenance ease.


There you go. The important things you should look at when planning to buy tennis shoes. Fit, size, comfort, durability, ventilation, and balance. The above pieces score well in different areas. You are therefore more assured of good performance, reliability, and safety. You can check out our guide about choosing best tennis racquets also!


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