How to Choose a Good Tennis Racket – Pick Best Tennis Rackets Tips

First timers playing tennis always have a problem on how to choose a good tennis racquet. There are a variety of specifications and options to choose from. Having an endless list of options can be quite stressful. How do you determine which is the best tennis racquets for you?
The type of racquet that you choose will profoundly affect your health and game. It is what determines whether you will enjoy tennis as a sport or not. To ensure that you greatly enjoy playing tennis enlighten yourself with some of the features of modern tennis so that you can choose a good tennis racquet. Below are tips on how to select a good tennis racquet.

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Power vs. Control

When distinguishing various types of tennis racquets, the major difference is between accelerated power on one end versus the accelerated power on the other end. Power means the ability to hit the ball fast and hard. By control, it means the ability to determine where the ball goes. For a lot of players, the perfect racquet is a balance between power and control.


Usually, a more extended tennis racquet will offer more power than control as compared to a shorter racquet. A tennis racquet that is longer will automatically have high speeds at the ends hence hitting the ball at a higher rate making it go faster.
A standard tennis racquet is 27 inches. Beginners are advised to purchase racquets that are close to this range. Experienced players can go for racquets that are 29 inches if they want to increase power to their game.


The balance of the tennis racquet will also affect the power versus control trade-off. Some racquets have more weight towards the tip, and this makes it hard to control them, but it also makes them a lot powerful.
Determining the balance of a racquet is quite a hard task. The best way for a player to test the stability of a racquet is by hitting the ball numerous times. You can ask the retailer whether you can check the balance of the racquet before purchasing it.

String Pattern

Many players often overlook string pattern. The density of a string pattern often influences several features of the general performance of the racquet. String pattern density refers to open and closed(dense). On being strung an open string pattern won’t feel as tight as a closed string pattern. A denser string pattern won’t bend as much as an open string pattern when it comes into contact with a ball.

Grip or Handle Systems

Now and then racquets are becoming lighter with each passing day. Racquet manufacturers are searching for ways in which they can improve the quality without adding weight on the racquets. The most current used method is the use of shock and vibration dampening system on the handles. Various handles reduce the effect of shock and vibration, and they include Heads No SHOX, Dunlop’s ISIS and Princes Air.
Most first timers playing tennis often buy cheap racquets, when they become pros is when they buy a good tennis racquet to play with, though it is best to choose a good tennis racquet from the word go. By considering the factors mentioned above, you are in apposition to buy the ultimate racquet which will up your game.

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